Genset control unit GCU 100

  • Engine start/stop
  • Engine monitoring & protection
  • CAN bus engine communication, J1939
  • Modbus communication, RS-485
  • Programmable logic, M-Logic
  • Remote annunciater support, AOP-2
  • Multiple language support
  • Event and alarm LOG
  • IP65 (with gasket)
  • Integrated emulation software solution


DEIF’s front-mounted and compact controller platform, the Genset Control Unit, GCU 100, has been designed with performance and longevity in view and to secure reliable operation in harsh maritime environments.

Built for basic control, monitoring and protection of marine engines and gensets, the sturdy unit features protection, monitoring and  control functionality with agraphic display for easy and accurate presentation of values and alarms. Moreover, it also features a threephase AC voltage measuring circuit for generator and busbar to enable generator protection and breaker handling.

A variant with automatic black-out detection and genset start, the GCU 113 is available for emergency  gensetcontrol: when power on the main busbar has been restored, the unit is able to automatically switch back to supply from main busbar and stop the emergency generator.


GCU 111

  • Generator monitoring and protection

GCU 112

  • Generator monitoring and protection
  • Breaker control

GCU 113

  • Generator monitoring and protection
  • Breaker control. Emergency genset control


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